What do we charge for carpet cleaning?
We believe in straightforward pricing, so we charge by the square foot cleaned. The price per square foot is primarily determined by the condition of the carpet cleaned. Customers with light to moderately soiled carpets will pay less per square foot than those with heavily soiled carpet. Heavily soiled carpet simply takes more time and effort to clean. There are significant differences between carpet cleaning companies and the quality and services they provide. For first time customers we may be able to offer an in home review to provide a specific price. Otherwise we may offer a ballpark “best guess” based on what we are told. No carpet cleaning company (including us) should offer a firm price for cleaning site unseen. We do offer additional services such as pet problem treatments, stain removal, or carpet and fabric protector application. They are priced separately. We make every effort to be upfront and transparent with our pricing. Customers are provided a written statement of services and an exact price prior to the start of any work.

How long does it take the carpet to dry?
The truth about how long it takes carpet to dry is: it depends. There are many variables that determine how long it will take carpet to dry completely. They include weather conditions, air flow, type of carpet, protector application, and soil level just to name a few. We specialize in structural drying and understand the difficultly in predicting dry times. We also realize dry time is important to our customers, but will not contribute to unrealistic drying expectations. With the proper equipment and a well-trained technician, carpets should feel or appear to be “relatively” dry shortly after being cleaned but may take a number of hours (not days) to dry completely.

Why should I choose Big Dog Restoration to clean my carpet?
Trustworthy, respectful, highly trained, experienced technicians will complete the entire cleaning process to your satisfaction. We are highly qualified, offer transparent pricing, and environmentally conscious.

What should we do before the cleaning appointment?
There are a few things you should do prior to our arrival to clean your carpets. First, please remove as many small items (toys, clothes, shoes) off the carpeted areas you want cleaned. It helps to have a place close to the house to park our cleaning van. Making room where we won’t block your vehicle is greatly appreciated. If you have pets please plan for a safe place for them to stay during the cleaning process, such as a closed room not involved with the cleaning.

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At Big Dog Restoration our primary goal has always been excellence in cleaning and restoration. As part of our mission we strongly support Animal Rescue. We provide financial support, and work directly with adoption, rescue, and foster organizations. We would like to personally thank each and every customer for helping us with this effort. Without you, our financial contributions and support of these rescue groups would not be possible.

Thanks for helping us help them!

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