Water Damage Emergency Tips

1. Safety first! Locating and getting the water source shut off is very important, but nothing is more important than life or limb. Water and electricity don’t mix, never enter a flooded environment without being sure it’s safe to do so. Slip and fall hazards are also very real in wet areas. If necessary, shut the main building water valve off if it is unsafe to enter an area.

2. Finding the water source may not be easy. If the water source is not readily detectable, shut off the main building water supply valve until the local water source can be determined. If the water source can be located, try to find the closest water valve such as behind the toilet, under the sink, or behind the washing machine. Sometimes the source is a water valve or a water line in the wall that has failed, and in these instances the main water valve will need to be shut off.

3. Wet items can be extremely heavy. Do not try to move saturated materials until as much water as possible has been removed.

4. Depending on how much water is present and if it is safe to do so, mop or shop vac up as much water as possible.

5. Be careful not to transfer and track water to unaffected areas while walking and moving wet items. It may be possible to use old white towels as a runner to protect floors. Place wet items in plastic garbage bags before moving them through an unaffected area.

6. If possible carefully place plastic baggies or tin foil under furniture legs and other items.

7. Some smaller wet items may be moved to another area such as a bathtub, sink or garage.

8. Move any high valve items to another safe area in the home.

9. Move unaffected items you may need such as clothes and toiletries to an area that you will be able to safely access them.

10. Call us as soon as possible!

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