Dishwasher Leak

Water damage from a dishwasher isn’t always from a fast flood such as a broken supply line, but it can also be the result of a slow undetected leak that can cause serious damage. As a Master Certified Restorer, we know the longer a water loss sits the worse it becomes. If you suspect you have a problem don’t wait – it is important to address a water loss as soon as possible.

Undetected slow leaks can do significant damage to surrounding cabinets, walls, and sub-floors. All these materials should be checked regularly for excessive moisture content. Drying and restoring this type of loss can be very challenging, especially If water has affected the walls behind the base cabinets.

Dishwashers are usually located next to the kitchen sink to allow for easy loading and for the water and waste line hook up. It is wise not to use cabinet under the sink (or any sink) as a storage area. A cluttered cabinet can make it difficult to see or detect a leak. Using a wide flat tray that sits a few inches high under any sink may also protect the base cabinet from a slow leak.

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