Master Certified
Water Damage Restoration

  • ICRA Master Certified Restorer
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • 30+ Years’ Experience
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • Structural Drying and Reconstruction
  • Compassionate, Fast, Friendly Service
  • Licensed General Contractor

Master Certified Service Start to Finish

As a Master Certified Restorer with more than 30 years’ experience Big Dog Restoration has restored just about every type of water loss imageable. The single most important thing anyone suffering a loss can do is to speak with an experienced, qualified professional as soon as possible. We are available 24/7. A simple phone call gets the situation quickly addressed, and offers answers to many questions. You can even text us photos to help determine what, if any professional help you may need. We work with every major insurance company, and provide direct insurance billing. We recommend you read “Important Insurance Information” prior to contacting your insurance carrier; you’ll probably be glad you did. Call us now; we’ll get things back to normal before you know it!

Direct Insurance Billing

How We Restore

  • Immediate Response. Available 24/7 to respond, and answer questions.
  • Identify and Control the Water Source.
  • Evaluate potentially affected areas, and locate affected materials using Thermal Imaging Cameras, and Moisture Detection Meters.
  • Remove standing water, and evaluate affected materials.
  • Install High-Speed Structural Drying Systems. Systems include; Containment, Dehumidification, High Speed Air Movement, HEPA Air Cleaning, and Specialty Floor & Wall Drying Systems.
  • Provide Direct Insurance Billing with complete documentation; including video.
  • Full Rebuild/Reconstruction Service Available.

Water Damage: 5 Things You Should Know

  • Water damage is progressive. If left unattended water will migrate, and can cause significant additional damage to the structure and contents.
  • Within 48 to 78 hours mold, and bacteria can experience tremendous growth.
  • It’s your right to choose who restores your home. It is the most important decision made in restoration process. Restoration companies expertise, and experience vary dramatically.
  • Immediately calling your insurance may not be in you interest. There are questions that should be addressed first.
  • Knowledge is power. Information, and understanding your rights and responsibilities has the greatest influence on the outcome of the restoration process.

"Cleaning, Restoration, and Rescue. It’s what we do."

We Donate to animal rescue from every job!

At Big Dog Restoration our primary goal has always been excellence in cleaning and restoration. As part of our mission we strongly support Animal Rescue. We provide financial support, and work directly with adoption, rescue, and foster organizations. We would like to personally thank each and every customer for helping us with this effort. Without you, our financial contributions and support of these rescue groups would not be possible.

Thanks for helping us help them!

Adopt / Foster / Volunteer / Donate

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