Important Water Damage Insurance Information

If you don’t have experience dealing with insurance claims it could be a real disadvantage. Big Dog Restoration has 30 years experience working with insurance claims. We provide direct insurance billing including full job documentation. We understand the process, and know how to get things done. For an insured the single most important part of claim is clearly understanding your rights, responsibilities, and coverage. We can provide answers to many questions that nearly every property owner has. Each insurance policy is different. No restorer, including us can tell you exactly what your insurance policy may or may not cover. One thing we do know is that experience matters. Here are 5 things that every insured should know.

5 Things Every Insured Should Know

1. You may not want to immediately call your insurance company.

You should always take action to address a water loss right away, however calling your insurance company right away may not be in your best interest. There are a number of things that should be considered before contacting your carrier. It’s often what we don’t know that can contribute to disadvantages that could have been avoided. Call us we’d be happy to explain.

2. You are entitled to choose whomever you wish to handle your restoration.

It’s your right to choose the most experienced, best qualified company to restore your home or business. In fact, it is against the law for insurance companies to pressure, or steer you to their “preferred contractor”. With something as valuable as your home or business it’s worth a few phone calls to find the most qualified, unbiased, restorer available.

3. Understand who your restorer works for.

“Preferred Contractors” work for the insurance company. The challenge is; what may be in the best interest of the insurance company may not be in the best interest of the property owner. Big Dog Restoration works with, but not for any insurance company. Our only goal is serving our customers and their needs.

4. Managing an insurance claim is a process.

As mentioned, if you don’t have experience dealing with insurance claims you’re at a disadvantage. Having knowledgeable, experienced people to help with the claims process is invaluable. We have three decades of experience with insurance claims. We can help you take full control of your claim. We’ll provide your insurance company with complete job documentation, and you with easy written guidelines on how to expedite the claim process.

5. Agents and Adjusters – there is a difference.

Your agent loves you, and wants to keep you happy. Your agent will do what they can to assist you during a claim but it’s the adjuster(s) who have the greatest control during the claims process. There maybe a number of adjusters involved with a  claim. Mitigation Adjuster, Field Adjuster, or Independent Adjuster just to name a few.  Most adjusters do a good job processing claims, however that is not always the case. If a claim is improperly handled we know what action to take, and how to get things moving.

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