Washing machines are a very common source of a water loss or damage. A washing machine water supply hose can generate in excess of 5 gallons of water per minute, or more than 300 gallons per hour. Obviously, this can cause significant damage when they fail.

We know exactly how to properly complete a washing machine water loss inspection to determine exactly what has been affected. If the supply line is the source of water it is usually considered a category 1 type, or clean water loss. If the source is from the washing machine or drain line the loss is considered a category 2 type, or grey water. The category of the water determines how the affected materials should be handled.

Washing Machine Flood Inspection Help & Tips

The source of the water from a washing machine loss could be from a water supply line, a waste water line, or a faulty part inside the unit itself such as the pump. Safety should always be the first concern. When water is present there is always the potential for an electrical hazard. If you are unsure, it’s best not to enter the area.

If you can safely enter the area, the hot and cold water supply valves should be turned off behind the unit. If you cannot safely reach the valves or if a valve has failed, shut off the main water valve to the property. Once the water supply has been shut off the water supply lines will need to be detached and drained into a container. If the washing machine has water in the drum and it is/was not possible to run the spin or drain cycle, the drum will need to be drained manually with a cup or small bucket.

The waste water drain line will need to be removed from the drain inlet, and the dryer vent ducting will need to be detached. The washing machine and dryer will need to be moved  in order to allow inspection of the walls and floor around the unit. Without a using a Dolly this can be difficult.

Once the units have been uninstalled, the walls, baseboard, and flooring materials can be tested for abnormal or high moisture content. Depending on the materials affected and the amount of moisture present it may be possible to correct this situation quickly. If you need help or have any questions please call us.

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